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We started in 2013 as a web designer and developer for online course creators. We started specializing in Kajabi web design in 2015 and are currently the #1 top-rated Kajabi web designer. We offer several Kajabi web design services, including Kajabi template design, Kajabi template development, Kajabi custom design and also Kajabi consulting. We do design in-house as well as partner with top designers to offer top-notch professional Kajabi web design.

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Services We Offer Using Kajabi:

Website Design

We've been designing websites since 2011, when we started with a blog. We've been tweaking our design skills since. Our style is clean, minimal and professional. We make sure the most important parts of your website are accentuated and the unimportant stuff is not there at all. We take pride in our work and regard our work as art.

Website Development

We've been developing websites since 2011. We started with simple template modification and evolved into creating our own custom templates. We code using a variety of languages, depending on the platform. Our priorities are using clean and simple code that will last a long time and not break when things are added or or updated.

Template Development

After using third-party templates for years, we decided to start creating our own custom templates to help us make our websites more easily. We've since created custom templates for both WordPress and Kajabi and for a variety of clients. Our template development priorities are clean, simple and easy to use.

Email Funnel Setup

Email marketing has become a necessity for online businesses today. We help clients create their lead magnet and set everything up so that users can opt-into their email list smoothly and receive their freebie easily. We also specialize in email automations and integrating all pieces in their email funnel to work correctly together.

Email Funnel Optimization

We look at each individual part of your email funnel. We look at the top of the funnel, where visitors opt-in to your email list. We look at which automations should be set up. We then look at which promotional offers are sent to each person to optimize sales. We use third party email funnel tools and integrate them all together to work seamlessly.

Custom Landing Pages

We are skilled creators of custom landing pages. Our priorities are simple and clean landing pages, that focus on the most important goal, typically to get conversions. We make it easy to visitors to opt into your email list and know what to expect when they do. We use a variety of tools for our landing pages and make sure they all work together.

Course Migration

Sometimes, you outgrow your online course platform. Whether you started on WordPress, Kajabi, Teachable or Thinkific, you may want to migrate to another online course platform at some point. We can handle it all for you. We will create your new online course website, migrate your course and your customers seamlessly.


We've been consulting with businesses since 2007 on growing and becoming more profitable by leveraging the internet. We've worked with retailers, local service-based businesses and online businesses, both at startup and at seven figures. We look at your entire business, from the first customer touchpoint to the sale.

Deadline Funnel & Kajabi Integration

Looking for help setting up a Kajabi Deadline Funnel integration? I struggled to figure it out, but was successful in connecting Deadline Funnel and Kajabi. I have set up many successful campaigns via Zapier to connect Kajabi to Deadline Funnel. Get in touch to see if we can help you successfully integrate Deadline Funnel and Kajabi.

What Clients Say About Our Work:

Kristin Rivera

Founder, One Stop Teacher Shop
"Over the past few years, Kraig has built and optimized multiple websites for me using Kajabi. He has also analyzed my unique business needs and customized a plan to help increase sales. Since working with Kraig, my business has grown exponentially. The value he has added is priceless. Kraig is thoughtful, quick, reliable, and always finds a way to "make things happen". I cannot recommend him enough!"

Alex Cody Foster

#1 Bestselling Ghostwriter & Founder, Ghostwriting University
"Kraig went above and beyond when creating my course platform website from top to bottom. Even three years after he did so (it took me this long to launch due to how busy I was), Kraig still found time to implement some final tweaks right before I launched my course. I'd recommend him to anyone. He's intelligent, highly skilled, personable, and knows what sells."

Darren Lang

Founder & Chief Executive at Kepler + Co
"Imagine asking a web developer to build your vision the way you see it in your head... and they execute it with precision, on time, with no mistakes. That's what Kraig did for me and my (what was then startup) business. The business has grown into a provider for multinationals and I have Kraig to thank for a big part of the user experience. Kraig is the real deal. He over-delivers each and every time. And that's why I will not use anyone else. Thank you Kraig for the time, solid execution and strong work ethic."

Jessica Ivey

Founder, Ideas by Jivey
"Kraig came highly recommended from a friend of mine. Not only did he do fast, thorough work, but even after he had been paid and was no longer contracted, he went back and double-checked MY work and found a couple missing links on a sales page! He is invested in his clients and it shows. I will use him again for future projects!"

Corey Quinn

Corey Quinn, Inc.
"I reached out to Kajabi support, but they weren't able to assist me. So, I got in touch with Kraig. He experimented with three different approaches and ultimately cracked it! What a relief!! Thank you, Kraig!"

Some of Our Other Specialties:

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